The Alternative Board TAB
A board meeting.


Business Owners:

Are you striving to get your business to the next level?

What is TAB?

The Alternative Board® "TAB", is a peer advisory group made up of owners, CEOs, presidents, and partners worldwide who are committed to improving their businesses.  Each TAB board containes members from 4 to 10 non-competing businesses, so members can discuss issues in complete confidentiality.

Although members are from diverse industries, a large percentage of all challenges facing small businesses are the same regardless of the industry.

TAB works with business owners who...

  • are looking for unbiased feeback,
  • want to work on their business, not just in it,
  • want more balance with their personal life,
  • want a sounding board for their ideas and strategy,
  • run a family businesses trying to resolve goal conflicts,
  • need help to develop their leadership and team-building skills,
  • are under pressure to turn their business around, 
  • want to reduce the high cost of turnover, and/or 
  • just enjoy getting away for a while, and talking to others.

Our Approach:

Commitment, Process and Accountability are imperative in order to prepare you for tomorrow's challenges. TAB's goal is to help you discover your true self through in-depth private interviews with a Certified TAB Facilitator and then to build your personal and business formula for success, in a collegial, peer-advice environment.